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Paulo Pascual  (theremin+ondas)
Paulo Pascual (theremin+ondas)
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Paulo Pascual (theremin+ondas)

Paulo Pascual is one of the few thereminists in the state. He works with an intangible electronic instrument (theremin) developing workshops in schools, conservatories, cultural centres, etc. He records and edits pieces in different formats (vinyl, cd, cassette).

He released a vinyl LP with this very special instrument as a soloist together with cellos, pianos and guitars in 2018. In 2022, with the film Negro Púrpura, he was the first to compose, perform, record and release on vinyl a film soundtrack with his peculiar instrument. His line of work in musical composition and interpretation is eclectic, he travels through experimental sounds, exotic sounds, sounds that carry airs of old science fiction films from an electronic and contemporary vision.

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Paulo Pascual  (theremin+ondas)
Paulo Pascual (theremin+ondas)

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Paulo Pascual
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