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La mirada en suspenso
La mirada en suspenso
16/02/2024 - 05/04/2024
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Facing our gaze reflected in a black mirror.

In a mirror image, we slip into an instant in which we emerge from the blackness that reveals who we are, illuminated by the weightlessness of candlelight. Our face materialises phantasmagorically as a latent image of consciousness, an identity on the borderline between appearance and disappearance. We dissolve between light and darkness and, in that precise and delimited space between the referent and its reflection, a gaze emerges that confronts us with our orphanhood, with the ineffable loss of the mental image we have constructed of our identity and of the rules of reality in which we manage our daily lives.

We dislocate ourselves in the specular glow of a flame. Time stops in the space of a blink of an eye, and silence is carried away by an abyss that returns our gaze without regard or consideration; it pushes us, pulls us out with a blow of revelation from the centre of the world we have invaded and which we know no longer belongs to us, nor ever has.

The photographs are introduced into this game of mirrors in an instant made presence. They select an imperceptible moment as if it were an always and kidnap the gaze that remains suspended in zero time. The photographs play with space and, at times, show us the absolute confrontation through a veil that protects us from what overwhelms and tempts us at the same time and, at others, they place us in an off-angle place and introduce symbolic analogies through objects that we may or may not be contemplating; they reveal to us the subterranean of our roots, the unconscious in the flesh of a fish freed from the skin that protects us, birth and repetition, duality, that which defends and assaults us at the same time, vanity, immortality, the monsters of our depths, the cosmic idea of eternity and our own time of life and death.

To look at ourselves in a time suspended on the edge of dissolution is a conscious act to lift the veil of our consciousness and, as Novalis says, to make us immortal


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La mirada en suspenso
La mirada en suspenso

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La mirada en suspenso
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