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22:00 | Sala Capitol
They started in 2012 as a cover band. Years later and with the voice of its vocalist backed by Pancho Varona and Antonio García de Diego, it became perhaps the best Sabina Tribute band on the national scene. They go from four to seven members, so they have the same components as the...
20:00 | Salón Teatro
Carne Cruda's concert and intimate interview format arrives at the Salón Teatro: the radio conductes by Javier Gallego travels to the land of Siniestro Total, icon of Spanish punk-rock. We review the extensive career of one of the most important bands in the country with live ...
20:30 | Sala Capitol
How do you define an album that combines dirty rock, folk, jazz and sudden explosions of sound mastery? The Aristocrats, of course.    
21:00 | Sala Capitol
León Benavente is a Spanish indie rock band formed in 2012 and emerged from the reunion of four veteran musicians: Abraham Boba, Eduardo Baos, Luis Rodríguez and César Verdú. With their two previous albums, they have established themselves as an essential band on the...
22:00 | Sala Malatesta
El Reno Renardo are the indisputable kings of freak-metal, a phenomenon in social networks, with millions of reproductions.  His live performance leaves no one indifferent and each show becomes a fun evening with lots of interaction with the audience, without leaving aside an...
22:00 | Moon Music Club
TOXO is a kick in the teeth, a tremendously powerful sound, a very personal voice, and lyrics that turn everything upside down. This group of Galician origin and members from 3 countries, has grown under the influence of the great "power trio" of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Rock&Roll. A...
22:30 | Sónar
They make rabidly new music, as far removed from the pseudo-epic monotheme of national indie as from the fauna that corresponds to them by age. Sergio (vocals and guitar), Dani (drums) and Juan (synthesizers and backing vocals) make up The Levitants, a trio from Valladolid whose dark and...
21:15 | Sala Capitol
Ruxe Ruxe is undoubtedly the reference band of Galician rock. With 23 years of career, 12 LPs in the market and more than two hundred original songs published, they are in their best moment. With renewed energy, they present their new album.    
22:00 | Sala Capitol
Monster Magnet, considered one of the greatest exponents of space-rock and psychedelic rock of the last 30 years, surprise with a very special tour. The New Jersey band will perform one of their most emblematic works, "Powertrip", which took them to stardom and to the charts in the '90s and...
20:30 | Sónar
A band formed in Gijón in 2010 and that, despite the young age of its members (between 20 and 25 years old), already has a solid career behind it and its own unmistakable sound: that of the best rock in Spanish.
Sala Malatesta
Sons of Aguirre & Scila is the result of the combo of the satirical rap band Sons of Aguirre and the metal band Scila. Rap-Metal predominates in them, but they have songs whith different styles like Ska, Cumbia, Ranchera...    
21:00 | Sala Capitol
First assault based on Rock N'Roll from this new band from Compostela. In this concert the power trio will present their first EP: III For this occasion, the band will accompany the songs of the EP with other own compositions and will be interspersed with versions that will play with each...