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Leaving Santiago de Compostela, we go to the wonderful city of Lugo, a city that is recognized for its incredible Roman wall that surrounds its city.

You will also visit the majestic and surprising Playa de las Catedrales and taking advantage of the low tide we will be able to enjoy its rock formations made by the erosion of the sea.

You will visit the City of Lugo, making a guided tour of its historic center of approximately 1 hour and a half, discovering the Famous Wall of Lugo, a practically intact Roman wall and its Cathedral, as well as wandering around and getting lost in its ancient city.

After knowing this wonderful city that brings together so much history and beauty, we will head to Ribadeo.

This town in the north of Galicia is gaining popularity due to the beauty of its streets. This site is living history of emigration from Galicia, especially to Latin America where so many Galicians have had to emigrate.

You  will see all these constructions made by the Galicians who return, making this city a very special place and a direct witness to this phenomenon.After that we will head to the Playa de Aguas Santas, or as it is popularly known, Playa de las Catedrales, due to the large rock formations that evoke the flying buttresses of the Gothic cathedrals.

Let us let ourselves be carried away by its arches, let's walk through its fine white sand, to make this an unforgettable day.

Discover with us one of the most beautiful enclaves in Galicia, and we will surely comply with your good exceptions.

* Depending on the tides, the itinerary of the excursion will vary depending on them. Being able to visit the City of Lugo first, or however going directly to the beach.

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