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Brotherhood of 'El Cristo de la Paciencia'

This brotherhood is in charge of the procession of 'El Cristo de la Paciencia'

Year of foundation
Founded in 1629

The “Cofradía y Esclavitud de Nuestra Señora Madre María Santísima de las Mercedes” became the “Cofradía de la Eslavatud del Cristo y de la Merced” in 1732.
The image of the crucified Jesus, made by Gregorio Fernández (Valladolid, 1628), became famous in Compostela with crowds flocking to venerate the sacred image on ash Wednesday and to the procession on the second Sunday of Easter (Dominica in albis), which went from the Cathedral to the monastery of  Padres Mercedarios in Conxo.
The procession and brotherhood were revived in 1980 after many years of absence in Holy Week.

Home-Starting point
Church of a Mercé (Conxo)

Convento de Madres Mercedarias – Rúa Fonte de Santo Antonio – Rúa das Orfas – Praza do Toural – Rúa do Vilar – Praza das Praterías – Catedral

To Be Taken Into Account...
Procession featuring guided parish cross, band music with bugles and drums and the Municipal Music Band.
Its members wear a white serge habit with red wristbands, sash and hood.
The statue of “El Santísimo Cristo de la Paciencia” is a crucified Jesus that replaces the regular one, made by Gregorio Fernández, in the procession.

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