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Brotherhood of 'La Humildad' (Brotherhood of Humility)

This brotherhood organises the Humility Procession on Holy Monday




The Brotherhood of Humility was founded in 2008 by a group of Compostela youths connected to the Church of Santa María do Camiño. Their first procession took place in 2009, with 70 brothers accompanied by a representation of Compostela’s other brotherhoods, bearing Our Lady of Humility, a statue loaned by the Parish of María Salomé. In 2010, the “Tercio de Infantes” also participated in a procession with 12 children.


Church of Santa María do Camiño

Bear in mind…

The penitent’s tunic consists of a yellow Sevillian-type hood, cuffs and cord on a black-serge tunic.

The Youth Group wears the same tunic, but with a bib instead of the yellow hood.

Starting in 2011, they parade with Ferrol’s “Virgen de la Amargura” Music Group, with whom they also organise the “Humility for Solidarity” initiative.

In 2012, they presented their new statue, Our Lady of Humility, made by the Sevillian artist José María Hurtado.

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Brotherhood of 'La Humildad' (Brotherhood of Humility)
Brotherhood of 'La Humildad' (Brotherhood of Humility)