Holy Week in Santiago

Galician Festival of Tourist Interest

Holy Week in the most spiritual World Heritage City, Passion and a lot more...

Spring enters Santiago de Compostela accompanied by the awe-inspiring processions of the Holy Week. The magnificent architectural venues of the Holy City give the memorial of Christ’s Passion a unique splendour and particular solemnity, which make it stand out from those in other Spanish localities.

Compostela’s thirteen brotherhoods tour the stone streets in silence, only accompanied by the piercing sound of bugles and the deep rhythm of drums. Eyes gaze upwards at the pointed hoods, the processional crosses under the towers, the venerated statues that almost touch the balconies and gargoyles, while the processions advance through the night mist. 

Compostela’s Holy Week also features a concert programme that “takes over” the city’s main monumental churches to offer an enriching tour of the sacred music. 

And it is also time to penetrate the intimacy of churches and convents, or to enjoy the rich Galician Lent cuisine. 

Come join Santiago de Compostela’s Holy Week and develop a “passion” for the city.