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From Friday, March 27 to Monday, March 30, 2020

San Lázaro neighbourhood

On the fifth Sunday of Lent, also called 'Domingo de Lázaro' or 'Domingo de Pasión', the San Lázaro neighbourhood, situated at the entrance of the city on the Way of St. James, celebrates a religious and gastronomic festival for four days, the 'Festa da Uña'.

In this popular celebration, the image of San Lázaro is honoured with a procession from the chapel to the 'Campo da Festa', where an open-air mass takes place. Every year the festival includes various religious services in honour of San Lazaro and the traditional pilgrimage, in which pig’s trotters are auctioned as an offering to the saint. As in all feasts there is also verbena.

The culinary programme features pig's trotters. Hundreds of neighbors meet every year during those days in restaurants throughout the neighborhood, located on the French Way, to taste the traditional dish of the 'Festa da Uña': the Uñas (pig's trotters) with cabbage sprouts, chorizo ​​(spicy sausage) and potatoes.

The festive-religious programme of the Romería de San Lázaro is organised by the Commission of Festas, Parish of San Lázaro, with the collaboration of Concello de Santiago. The gastronomic programme is promoted by Turismo de Santiago and the Asociación Hostelaría Compostela.





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Festa Gastronómica da Uña
Festa Gastronómica da Uña

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