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Easter and Easter celebrations feature numerous traditional sweets and desserts in Santiago de Compostela, a city that still enjoys the sweet ancestral recipes brought centuries ago by religious orders, as well as a long chocolate tradition brought from America and transferred to Europe thanks to the contribution of the Way of St. James.

In addition to Easter eggs and 'roscas', these are some of our proposals to enjoy this Easter in Santiago de Compostela:

Chocolate shell of Santiago

Shell shaped chocolate. You can find them in several places including the Chocolat Factory at Toural Square

Tarta de Santiago

Santiago's dessert par excellence, its origin dates back to the sixteenth century. You can find it, in all the bakeries and patisseries: Las Colonias - the oldest in the Santiago- Tabora, Herma or Á Casa Mora.

Chocolate 'á taza'

Chocolate is a tradition in the city. You can consume it ‘á taza’ and you can taste it with churros in many parts of the city. 

Cakes made in convents

The religious orders were the ones that brought to Santiago, hundreds of years ago, what are now traditional desserts, namely those that, like “tarta de Santiago,” combine almonds and egg yolks.

The Monastery of Antealtares and Convent of Belvís offer their own homemade cakes. Through the convent’s revolving window, the Benedictin nuns of Antealtares sell their own “almendrados” (almond biscuits), “tartas de Santiago” (almond cakes), cookies and puff-pastry cakes. The Dominican nuns of Belvís are famous for their delicious desserts, which can be ordered (almond biscuits, “mantecados,” Santiago’s typical almond cake) or are available (biscuits, wafer) for buying whenever the revolving window is functioning.

Chocolate, cheese cakes

Chocolate cakes, cheese cakes... are typical in Santiago. The homemade 'tortas' are typical in Airas.

'Variados de pecados'

Seven tins of sweets, one for each day of the week: Monday, laziness. Friday, lust. Saturday, gluttony... This product is available in the shop  'Pecados' in Toural Square


Product similar to  the Easter 'rosca'  but less dry. You can find it in many patisseries including Suevia -La Estrella.


Rosquilla is very typical in many Galician traditional Romerías, especially throughout  the Holy Week and Easter. You can find them in many city establishments.

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Santiago, Sweet Passion
Santiago, Sweet Passion