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Very close to Santiago: Oroso

Preserve: Sigüeiro, section 2

River: Tambre

Upper boundary: Sigüeiro bridge, on the A Coruña-Santiago road: x=545.209, y=4.757.166)

Lower boundary: Mouth of River Lengüelle (Oroso and Santiago; x=543.292, y=4.758.417)

km: 2,4

Categ.: Trout

Cm: 21

Maximum number of fish per angler per day: 8

Number of permits for working days: 21

Number of permits for public holidays: 36


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Sigüeiro Fishing Preserve (section 2)
Sigüeiro Fishing Preserve (section 2)

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Av. Compostela, s/n - Sigüeiro, Oroso, 15888