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Creative Tourism Experiences

Some Creative Tourism experiences held in Santiago de Compostela:

• Classical and Sacred Music Concerts, Choral Singing, etc. Organised by specialised travel agencies with advice from Turismo de Santiago and the organisation of combined packages by means of the official Booking Centre: Sea Pictures International Choral Singing Festival  or the Road to Paradise religious music festival, etc.

• Guided Tours of Local Artists’ Studios. The tour gives you a chance to meet and interact with Compostela’s creators in their own studios, participating actively. 

• Guided Tours featuring Artisanal Trades. For a close-up look at our artisans’ skilful work and the quality of Compostela’s ancestral trades (silver and jet-stone work, leather, traditional lacework...), combined with explanations about the city’s history. 

• Gastronomy Forum. Internationally renowned chefs met biennially in Santiago to host training workshops, show cookings and keynote conferences for all ages, along with numerous “gastro-creative” activities throughout the city. 

• Gastronomy workshops for adults: “I Shop and Cook with…”. Accompanied by a first-rate chef-guide, participants go shopping in the traditional “Mercado de Abastos” (food market) and then cook the purchased products, finishing with a tasting of the prepared dishes.

• Gastronomy workshops for children. Cooking workshops for young ones: participative fun events in which children prepare dishes and snacks, mainly featuring characteristic Galician ingredients.

• Creative tastings. The perfect blend of heritage and gastronomy. Commented tastings combining the best Galician drinks and Galicia’s most renowned delicacies, held in monumental city venues.

• Blind dinners. Participants sample, with their eyes blindfolded, a surprise menu based on Galician products. This gastronomy adventure enables you to rediscover your sense of taste and interact with other participants in an original way.

•Other creative events held in Santiago:

Contemporary Creation “Roteiro”. An innovative initiative: during one week, Santiago becomes a circuit providing the public with free access to different creators’ studios and contemporary creation venues, promoting direct contact with artistic creation. 

Music in Compostela. An international gathering of musicians that has been held annually since 1957; it provides Spanish music training for professional and amateur performers from all over the world. Concerts are held in singular venues such as the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, Church of Antealtares, etc. +info

Atlantic Contemporary Creation Market, MACC. Exhibitions, workshops, conferences, talk shows, pecha kucha, gastronomy and a lot more, with artists from all over Spain and international experts committed to the construction of a new cultural model for new social settings. 

Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you organise a creative event adapted to your needs. For more information, please write to:

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Creative Tourism Experiences
Creative Tourism Experiences