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Very close to Santiago: O Pino

The Mera Botanical Riverside Path runs alongside the River Mera, from the A Tarroeira swimming area, where it flows into the River Tambre, as far as the church of Gonzar.

The track is divided into two sections. The first section runs from the A Tarroeira swimming area to Ponte Puñide, where the well-known Ramon bridge of Ponte Puñide and the famous Muíño de Pena waterwheel are located. The second section runs from Ponte Puñide to the church of Gonzar. A magnificent walk along the River Mera for those lovers of natural and cultural heritage that, apart from enjoying the botanical trail, are interested in going a bit further to visit the church of Gonzar.

Each of the natural species is duly identified by information signs, which explain the name of the plant or tree in question as well as its main characteristics.

This botanical trail forms a linear route about 4.3 km long.



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Mera Botanical Riverside Path
Mera Botanical Riverside Path

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Swimming Area of A Tarroeira
A Tarroeira, O Pino, 15823