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 Santiago’s size determines that the theme-based specialisation of its clubs is not so developed as in large cities and that different kinds of people coincide in the same place, making for a more heterogeneous and enriching night out. Also worth mentioning is the versatility of some premises, which begin the evening as bars, or cultural or music venues, and end us as dance clubs.

Even so, in Santiago there are specific clubs featuring Latin rhythms; others for mature folks interested in a quiet drink and dance; there are gay bars and a lot of “gay-friendly” clubs; clubs of cosmopolitan design; alternative clubs; including folk-scene clubs, closely linked to Galician culture; discos and a lot of dance clubs… And there are also the Compostela classics: bars, clubs and cafés that have always been there and that everybody knows.


Compostela classics:
O Galo D'Ouro, Borriquita de Belém, Casa das Crechas, Atlántico, Modus Vivendi, Pepa a Loba, Momo... a rúa, Paraíso Perdido.

Latin rhythms:

30-old and older:
La Carrilana, Garoa, Chocolate, Makumba, Riquela

Gay Friendly:
Bloom, Forum, Boneco

Discos and dance clubs:
Quintana Sur, Ruta, Gabanna, Sónar, Way Club

Alternative clubs:
Tarasca, Avante, A Reixa, BarTolo, A Medusa, Camalea

Clubs where 'queimadas' can be ordered in advance:
Fonte Sequelo


More information:
Different free publications, which you will find in the city’s hotels and tourist establishments, bars, cafés, clubs, cultural venues, shops, university faculties and tourist offices, include detailed information about city nightlife. 


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