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A Carrilana

Spanish cuisine Delivery Take away
Rúa de San Paio de Antealtares, 16, 15704

Café bar that also serves tapas, portions, cocktails and spirits.


A Casa dos Xacobes

Rúa da Algalia de Abaixo, 33, 15704

A Curtidoría

Rúa da Conga, 3, 15782

Mediterranean-style restaurant located in a 19th-century house, where rice dishes are the main attraction, with the particularity of using Galician products in all its recipes.


A Maceta

Rúa de San Pedro,120, 15703

A bright restaurant decorated in a simple, trendy style; the chef Jorge Gago serves modern fusion cuisine using seasonal produce.


A Nave de Vidán

Traditional Galician Delivery Take away
Avenida da Mestra Victoria Míguez, 44, 15706

Dishes and aperitifs of Galician cuisine in a café bar and minimalist restaurant, with a cultural space for events.


A Porta Verde

Rúa do Hospitaliño, 18, 15704

Vegan and vegetarian food with a couple of options for those who are not.


A Tafona

New cuisine Delivery
Rúa da Virxe da Cerca, 7, 15703

Restaurant with one Star in the 2020 Michelin Guide and one Sun in the 2020 Repsol Guide. Market cuisine featuring seasonal produce by the chef Lucía Freitas.


Q Quality 

Ali Baba Turkish Kebab

Avenida de Rosalía de Castro, 67, 15701

Turkish cuisine.

Asia 2018

Chinese Delivery
Rúa de Santiago de Chile, 3, 15701

Traditional Asian dishes in a great variety of presentations.


Bar Coruña

Gluten-free Delivery
Rúa da Raíña, 17, 15702

An emblematic bar in Santiago’s old town, specialising in portions and sandwiches.



Avenida de Ferrol, 54, 15706

Specialising in soups, salads or fish and roast meat. Menu of the day.


Burger King

Fast food Delivery
Rúa da Senra, 13, 15702

American fast-food chain specialising in hamburgers.


Cambalache Santiago Centro

World Cuisine Delivery
Avenida de Vilagarcía, 15706

A classic Italian-Argentinean restaurant that opened in 1984. It serves homemade pasta and pizza, inspired by the fusion of Italian and Argentinean cuisine from the early 20th century.



Rúa de Fernando III o Santo, 18, 15701

Traditional Galician food with a touch of originality and modernity.

Cervecería Raíces Galegas

Rúa Nova de Abaixo, 36 baixo, 15701

Beer bar. Breakfasts, snacks, hamburguers, tapas and portions.


Wine, tapas and portions Delivery Take away
Rúa da Raíña, 5, 15702

Bar since 1942. Breakfasts, menu of the day, portions and sandwiches. Specializing in Galician-style octopus and traditional Galician products.

Catering service for events.


China Ming

Chinese Delivery
Avenida de Romero Donallo, 25, 15706

With more than 30 years’ experience, the China Ming restaurant was the first to bringAsian cuisine to Santiago de Compostela.



Rúa de San Pedro 11, 15703

Cre-Cottê Creperie

Quintana, 1,

Refined menu of specialties in which crêpes stand out.

Quality Sicted 


Rúa do Cardeal Payá, 15703

Traditional Galician food with a touch of originality and modernity. Market and local cuisine. Specialized in grilled meat.