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Reasonably priced menus

A Casa dos Xacobes

Rúa da Algalia de Abaixo, 33, 15704

A Táboa de Picar

Rúa do Pombal, 17, 15705

Restaurant, tapas and wine bar. Homemade dishes and desserts.

Bar Suso

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa do Vilar, 15705
Classic bar cafeteria with great local atmosphere,  serves breakfast and daily specials.



Fast food
Rúa das Galeras, 11, 15705

Café-Bar. Breakfasts, sandwiches, hamburgers, mixed dishes and portions.


Reasonably priced menus
Rúa do Campo do Cruceiro do Gaio, 8, 15705

Set meals, portions and sandwiches.


Café La Morena

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa de San Clemente 6, 15705

Walking distance from the cathedral and with a parking area just 20 ms away. We have got a large terrace and plenty of space inside for groups. Splendid views to the gardens and the main fassade of the cathedral. We open everyday at 9 am for breakfast, but we also serve brunches, lunch and dinner. We organize some concerts, Dj sessions and other events. You will also find a small shop with gourmet products.

Casa Manolo

Reasonably priced menus
Praza de Cervantes, 15782

Traditional Galician cuisine at a good price.



Rúa de San Pedro 11, 15703


Rúa de Entrerrúas, 2, 15705

Restaurant with homemade Galician cuisine, menu of the day and à-la-carte meals.


Food Tambre - Galuresa

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa Vía Edison, 259, 15890

Slow food.


Spanish cuisine
Rúa dos Bautizados, 1 - Praza Fonterrabía, 5, 15702

Sports Bar. Homemade cuisine. 

Hoy No Cozino - Croquetería HNC

Spanish cuisine Delivery Take away
Rúa dos Feáns, 25A (Callejón de Derecho), 15705


Fast food Take away
Rúa de Montero Ríos, 44, 15701

Café-Bar. Breakfasts, portions, sandwiches, hamburgers and salads.

La Isabelita

Rúa das Galeras, 17, 15705

Café-Bar specializing in sandwiches and hamburgers. Home cooking.

Las Vegas

Spanish cuisine
Avenida de Rodrigo del Padrón, 9, 15705

Set meals, portions and menu of the day.



Avenida do Burgo das Nacións, 15704

Cafeteria of the “Auditorio de Galicia". 



Reasonably priced menus Delivery Take away
Avenida de Rodrigo del Padrón, 11, 15705

Restaurant specialising in Spanish omelette. 



Reasonably priced menus Take away
Rúa de Santiago del Estero, 1, 15701

Since 1970. Traditional Galician cuisine, grandmother's traditional recipes, dishes prepared everyday. Our secret is top quality ingredients, a wide variety of dishes and an affordable price.

O Asador de Roxos

Spanish cuisine
Rua Muros 112, Roxos, 15896

Traditional Galician cuisine featuring fish and seafood from Costa da Morte. 



Fast food Take away
Avenida de Vilagarcía, 34, 15706

Café-Bar. Homemade cuisine. Portions, sandwiches, hamburgers, coffee and breakfast.