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Asia 2018

Chinese Delivery
Rúa de Santiago de Chile, 3, 15701

Traditional Asian dishes in a great variety of presentations.


China Ming

Chinese Delivery
Avenida de Romero Donallo, 25, 15706

With more than 30 years’ experience, the China Ming restaurant was the first to bringAsian cuisine to Santiago de Compostela.


OK Wok

Rúa do Franco, 49, 15702

Chinese cuisine


Rúa da Oliveira, 3, 15704

Mediterranean, Spanish, Japanese, Asian and fusion cuisine, with vegetarian and vegan options.


Palacio Oriental

Chinese Delivery
Rúa de Fernando III 'O Santo', 11, 15701

Extensive menu of Chinese food.


Wok Dunhuang

Avenida Do Camiño Francés, 4, 15703

Restaurant specialising in Asian food that is characterised by its fusion of different cuisines, mainly from China, Japan and Mongolia.

Located in Centro Comercial As Cancelas.



Fast food Delivery
Avenida de Vilagarcía, 2, 15706

Asian cuisine