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Wine, tapas and portions

A Taberna do Bispo

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Franco 37, 15702

A place to enjoy a variety of tapas accompanied by fine wine or beer.


100 Montaditos

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Franco, 56, 15702

Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs

A Charca

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Franco,32, 15702

Traditional Galician cuisine since 1970. Dishes based on traditional recipes.


A Curtidoría

Rúa da Conga, 3, 15782

Mediterranean-style restaurant located in a 19th-century house, where rice dishes are the main attraction, with the particularity of using Galician products in all its recipes.


A Lonxa do Mercado

Wine, tapas and portions
Praza de San Fiz de Solovio, 15704

Gastropub specialising in meat, seafood and fish dishes.


A Taberna da Feira

Salgueiriños, 24, 15705

Specialists in the best charcoal-grilled Galician meat.


A Táboa de Picar

Rúa do Pombal, 17, 15705

Restaurant, tapas and wine bar. Homemade dishes and desserts.

A Tasquiña de San Pedro

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa da Cruz de San Pedro, 2, 15703

Wine, tapas, portions and lunches in a pleasant establishment.



Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Franco, 30, 15702

Traditional Galician cuisine, well known in the city for its famous “Tapa de Cocodrilo” (chips and pork loin).


Ad Gelo

Rúa de Fernando III o Santo, 15701

Ideal for lunch, tapas or the first drink of the weekend.


Adega Abrigadoiro

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa da Carreira do Conde, 5, 15706

Tapas bar specialising in local cold meat and cheese.


Agarimo Café-Pub

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Preguntoiro, 2, 15782

Coffee, sandwiches, portions and a great variety of tasty toasties.



Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa das Orfas, 25, 15703

Bar specialising in aperitifs. It also features a wide range of portions, set meals and menu of the day.



Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa de Frei Rosendo Salvado, 28, 15701

Sandwich and wine bar where you can savour real delicacies between pieces of bread, while enjoying a variety of exceptional wines.



Spanish cuisine
Av de Ferrol, 9, 15706

Tapas, croquettes and other dishes of Spanish cuisine, in a pleasant gastropub with a modern look and outdoor terrace.


Bar Coruña

Gluten-free Delivery
Rúa da Raíña, 17, 15702

An emblematic bar in Santiago’s old town, specialising in portions and sandwiches.


Bar Suso

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa do Vilar, 15705
Classic bar cafeteria with great local atmosphere,  serves breakfast and daily specials.



Avenida de Ferrol, 54, 15706

Specialising in soups, salads or fish and roast meat. Menu of the day.



Spanish cuisine
Rúa de Concepción Arenal, 8, 15702

Wine, beer and seasonal cuisine.



Fast food
Rúa das Galeras, 11, 15705

Café-Bar. Breakfasts, sandwiches, hamburgers, mixed dishes and portions.