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Very close to Santiago: Vila de Cruces

The swimming area of Remesquide, in Santomé de Obra, is also known as AÍnsua da Peregrina. It is so called because an image of the Pilgrim Virgin is venerated in the parish church of Obra; the local parishioners hold a feast in her honour on the first Saturday and Sunday in August.

The island called Ínsua de Remesquide is located about 150 metres below the bridge of the same name; it is 270 metres long and 50 metres wide. Due to its elliptical shape and because it is so tall and flat, it looks like a large ship anchored in the river. It is accessed from the right-hand side of the Ulla by crossing first the Remesquidebridge and then the bridge leading to the small islet (15 metres long).

The island is enclosed by a fence on the riverbank to protect visitors and is fully equipped under its many oak trees. In the centre, there is a large canteen in a wooden building on a stone foundation. And the following stone furniture can be found throughout the island: 15 tables with two benches each, 15 separate benches and 10 barbecues.  There is also a children’s playground.

At the entrance of the island, there is a stone fountain with a plaque commemorating the opening of the area. There are also 17 light sources throughout the island. On the riverbank, before reaching the bridge leading to the island, there is a “caballeira” featuring centuries-old oaks under which you can park your car.

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Swimming Area of Remesquide
Swimming Area of Remesquide

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Remesquide, Vila de Cruces, 15822