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Very close to Santiago: Vila de Cruces

The swimming area of Las Ínsuas de San Ramón, in Gres, is located a few metres from the Neira Vilas Foundation and the remains of Cira Castle, and beside the Roman Bridge of San Ramón. A beautiful Roman bridge with seven arches, possibly of Roman origin, crosses the Ulla River on the old highway from Santiago to Lugo. Before passing under the bridge, the river features a beautiful spot at Las Ínsuas de Gres, a recreational area of outstanding scenic beauty.

Las Ínsuas de Gres is a natural setting made up of six islands created by the Portodemouros reservoir, on the River Ulla, between the parish of Gres and Ponte Ledesma (Boqueixón). These islands are equipped with benches, barbecues and even a small river beach. The six islands are full of oak and pine trees. Five of them (Ínsua de San Ramón, Ínsua de OsNarmorados, Ínsua da Palleta, Ínsua de Pachín and Ínsua de Praia) are linked by walkways that can be used by visitors.

In summer, at the end of August, a popular festival is held here in honour of “San Ramón”. It is customary to go to Las Ínuas for lunch and enjoy a big party in the evening.

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Swimming Area of Las Ínsuas de San Ramón
Swimming Area of Las Ínsuas de San Ramón

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Gres, Vila de Cruces, 36587