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The rooftops… and Compostela’s Quasimodo



If you have already seen the Cathedral inside, why not visit it at the top' Convince your parents to go up to the rooftops, because that will be one of the best memories you will take away with from Santiago.

The visit begins in the Archbishop’s Palace of Gelmírez, which dates from the 12th century and has an impresive banquet hall with an enormous stone vault. You will feel as if you are in a castle. And all the more so when you start climbing up the narrow steps of the Carraca Tower. You have to be fit to reach the top… You will be able to walk around the granite rooftops and peer down at all the squares, while the guide relates surprising stories. Remind him or her to tell you who used to live up there! Yes, that’s right: the Cathedral of Santiago also had its own Quasimodo… although with a slight difference.

And up there, 30 metres above Plaza del Obradoiro, you will see all the old town’s roofs, chimneys and belfries as if they were the size of your building blocks. Don’t forget your camera!

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The rooftops… and Compostela’s Quasimodo
The rooftops… and Compostela’s Quasimodo