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Disc Golf

Disc golf is played like traditional golf. However, instead of balls and sticks, flying discs are used, sometimes called frisbis.

The aim is the same as in golf, that is, to complete each hole in the fewest possible pitches.

At the start of each hole, a disc is thrown from the tee, a flat and compact surface, towards the basket.

As the hole progresses, each shot must be made from the spot where the previous pitch has landed, shooting the same disc or a different one.

Trees, shrubs and changes in terrain function as obstacles to increase the challenge.

As you approach the basket, a disc is thrown. When the disc is introduced into the basket, the hole is completed.

The biggest differences compared to traditional golf are that, in general, disc golf courses are free and the necessary equipment much more affordable, so they are better suited to people of all ages, genders and economic status.

In Galicia, there is an 18-hole course on Monte do Gozo, open all year round and free to use.

The 18-hole main course is designed for players of all levels. This route, during the most demanding tournaments, is altered with markings of the field limits and mandatory lines.


Further information & contact:

Compostela Disc Golf Club.

Telf: 881 1873 056

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Disc Golf
Disc Golf