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Very close to Santiago: Vila de Cruces

An area located at the A Carixa river beach, with a parking capacity of more than 30. It is a recreational area featuring benches, barbecues and a river beach. It also has gardens, a bio-health circuit, children’s playground and restaurant. The petrol station is 10 km away in Vila de Cruces. The natural surroundings of the area and its river beach are very interesting.

- Sewage water collection.
- Drinking water supply.

How to get there
From the AP-53 motorway, take exit 33 and follow the PO-205 to Vila de Cruces. There are about 4 km from Vila de Cruces, following the PO-204 as far as Merza. You then continue 1 km along the EP-6410 towards Bodaño.

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A Carixa Camper Area
A Carixa Camper Area

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Merza, Vila de Cruces, 36586