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Brotherhood of 'El Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia' - Fraternity of 'Los Estudiantes'

This brotherhood is in charge of the procession of 'Los Estudiantes'

Year of Foundation
Founded in 1997

The “Cofradía de Estudiantes,” as it is commonly called, organises every year a prelude to Holy Week in the University assembly hall. It has “twinned” with brotherhoods from all over Galicia and Spain and has endeavoured to be a source of evangelisation and commitment to its surroundings by organising annual cultural and social events.
This brotherhood has given rise to fusion initiatives such as “Compostela Choirs” and “Santiago Band.”

Home-Starting point
Church of Orfas

School of Orfas. Rúa das Orfas, 5 (11 pm) - Toural (11:15 pm) - Rúa do Vilar (11:20 pm) - Praterías (11:45 pm) Xelmírez (11:50 pm) - Conga (11:55 pm) - Rúa Nova (12) - Iglesia de Santa María Salomé (12:30 am) - Toural (12:40 am) - School of Orfas (12:45 am).

To Be Taken Into Account...
Procession featuring guiding cross accompanied by children, band music with drums and chapel music.
Its members wear a serge habit and black satin hood with ivory-coloured scapular, wristbands and cord.
The statue of “El Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia” is an Ecce Homo sculpted by Diego de Sande, disciple of Gregorio Fernández, who belonged to the Third Order of St. Francis, at whose altar it is venerated.
The brotherhood organises a special procession every year to venerate the Apostle in Praza de Praterías, the only penance station where the procession is in front of the Cathedral.

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