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Today is sunday 14 february, it is 4ºC and showers in Santiago
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This brotherhood is in charge of the procession of 'La Virgen de la Soledad'

Year of Foundation
17th Century

The procession used to be held on Easter Sunday until the thirties, when it was changed to the evening of Good Friday.
For a long time it was commonly called the procession of “Los Caladiños” (the Silent Ones) and only women participated.

Home-Starting point
Church of Santa María Salomé

Rúa Nova - Praza do Toural - Rúa do Vilar - Praza das Praterías - Conga - Preguntoiro – Rúa do Castro - Praza da Universidade - Cardenal Payá - Orfas - Toural - Rúa Nova

To Be Taken Into Account...
Procession featuring parish cross, band music with bugles and drums. Its members wear a black habit with white moiré silk hood, wristbands and sash.
The procession includes images of “La Santísima Virgen de la Soledad,” covered with a jet-stone cape by the compostela artisan Marcelino, and an allegorical float of Calvary.

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