Promoting Compostela at London Broadcast Production Show
Santiago de Compostela Film Commission has returned from the London Broadcast Production Show, the UK´s most important audiovisual event, where it was able to promote its work and the CURTOCIRCUITO 2005 international short-film festival.Contacts were made with the following associations, among others: European Television Guild, the Guild of Location Managers, the Documentary Filmmaking Group,...
Documanía Presents 5th DocAmateur Prize
The Documanía thematic television channel presents the 5th DocAmateur Prize for documentary productions. Entries should be sent before February 2006.  Social and human-interest themes will be given priority, preferably with a duration of 40-60 mins. The official language is Spanish, although other languages can be used along with Spanish sub-titles.  The jury will choose a...
Three Galician Productions Among Five Most Profitable Films
Filmax Enternainment, Continental Producciones and Filmanova, which make up the Galician audiovisual cluster, participated in the production of three of Spain´s five most profitable films: Tapas, No sos vos soy yo and Un rey en la Habana.  According to cluster members, 'this is the result of a business policy aimed at making cinema production, in this case, and audiovisual in general, a...
2nd Documentary and Video-Creation SecuenciaCero Competition of Vigo
Entries for the 2nd Documentary and Video-Creation SecuenciaCero Competition, which will be held in Vigo in November 2005, should be sent before October 1st.  The presented films should have been made before January 1st, 2004, and should not exceed 30 mins. They may originally have been in any format, although they should be presented in DVD format.  For more information, see...
ON & OFF Short-Film Network to Screen Thirty Films in Galicia
The ON & OFF short-film network is organising the screening of thirty short films, including nine Galician ones, in cinemas in Galician towns and cities.The screenings will begin with ON, which will show short films produced in 2003 and 2004, including the prize-winning 7:35 de la mañana by Nacho Vigalongo. This will be followed by OFF between August 19th and 21st, in Ribadeo,...
3rd Galician Audiovisual Consortium Subsidies
The Galician Audiovisual Consortium presents its third series of subsidies aimed at promoting Galician audiovisual products in the Spanish market.  The subsidies are open to Galician cinema production companies or companies from EU countries based in Galicia. Application forms can be downloaded from  Applications should be sent before...
'Minotauromaquia: Pablo en el Laberinto' will be screened at the MOMA
The short film 'Minotauromaquia: Pablo en el Laberinto', by the Galician filmmaker Juan Pablo Etcheverre and produced by Ignacio Benedetti, will be screened next June in New York´s Museum of Modern Art. The film was the winner of, among other prizes, the animation sector of CURTOCIRCUITO 2004, organised by Santiago de Compostela Film Commission, with the backing of Incolsa-Turismo de...
Several cinemas will screen Galician short films before premieres
According to an agreement between the Galician Audiovisual Consortium and the Yelmo Cineplex company, Galician short films will be screened before premieres during two months in Lugo, Vigo and A Coruña. Notamotof and A Teoría do espello will be screened during the first week, before the premieres of The Eye and 11.14, while Minotauromaquia: Pablo en el laberinto and A Valente will be...
Tribute to Chano Piñeiro
10th anniversary of the death of Chano Piñeiro, the well-known Galician-language filmmaker. All of his films, mainly from the 70s and 80s, were written, produced and directed by himself.  During a tribute in Pontevedra´s Ateneo last Monday, May 9th, the actress Uxía Blanco spoke of her experience during Chano´s first film Sempre Xonxa. 
'Rodado en Galicia' que acaba de publicar el peridista y crítico de cine Miguel Anxo Fernández, es un libro en el que se realiza una selección de las películas rodadas en Galicia desde comienzos del siglo pasado hasta 2004. Este libro es una buena muestra de la relevancia de Galicia como plató y de la utilización histórica del territorio gallego para localizar películas. Según los cálculos de...