Supporting Art Contributes to Cultural Prestige
According to EGEDA, TVE is the state channel that gives the most support to Spanish cinema, surpassing the quota assigned by law by 5%.  TVE is also the channel that broadcasts the most Spanish and European films. 
The First Images of Spanish Cinema Were Shot in Galicia
Two History of Cinema lecturers confirm that the first images in Spain were shot in Galicia. The shots of the city of A Coruña are from 1897.
The Galician Short Film
The short film Mártires, written and directed by the Galician Xosé Zapata, has been selected to participate in the prestigious Palm Springs International Festival.
CGAI and Carlos Maside Museum Publish Dieste Brothers´Scripts
The Galician Image Arts Centre and the Carlos Maside Museum have published a book fearuring several film scripts by Rafael and Eduardo Dieste. The book is entitled Promesa do vello e da doncela, based on a story with the same title by Eduardo Dieste. 
Santiago de Compostela´s short-film festival CURTOCIRCUITO 2005 begins with openair screenings until September 8th. The screenings will be held at different outdoor venues every Thursday at 11 pm, or in the Food Market if it rains. 
Galician Terrestrial Digital Television Licences Awarded
The Galician Government has awarded regional digital television licences to La Voz de Galicia and Radio-Popular Cadena Cope. According to digital licence conditions, the new channels will have to produce at least 60% of their programmes, half of which should use the Galician language. 
Catalan Script Wins 2005
The script-writing competition Compostela Plató now has a winner: 'Te quiero mal' by Mireia Giró Costa, which will be filmed in Compostela during August.The production prize is worth 30,000 euros and the resulting film will premiere on October 18th during the Curtocircuito Festival´s opening gala.
Ministry of Culture Inflates Spanish Film Cuota With Foreign Films
According to the Ministry of Culture, the Spanish film cuota amounts to 17%. However, the cuota has in fact fallen by 12% during the first six months of the year, with the rest being filled by American films. This is due to counting films such as Sahara and The Kingdom of Heaven as Spanish productions, although the Spanish participation amounts to less than a sixth. The national films...
Another Galician Animation Project: Dubidoso, O Mago
Dubidodo, O Mago is an animated film made by a team of young Galicians working in the field of illustration and animation. It will premiere early next year.  Following the success of the Galician animated film El sueño de una noche de San Juan, this new project is being promoted by 24-year-old Roque Cameselle. Originally conceived as an adventure film, the resulting animated film is...
Galician Second Region Regarding Audiovisual Production Aid
Galicia receives 17% of Spanish audiovisual aid, making it the second region after Catalonia, with the Basque Country in third place.  Although the Madrid region only receives 3% of public aid, it accounts for 53% of the sector´s turnover, compared to 4% in the case of Galicia. It seems that most of Galicia´s aid is spent on initial production phases.