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Money for Culture
The Ministery of Culture´s budget reveals that museums, stage arts and the cinema will receive 70%. The Culture Minister, Carmen Calvo, also revealed that there will be 20% tax relief for businesses that invest in the audiovisual sector.
Culture and A Mesa Agree to Convert Audiovisual in Language Normalisation Instrument
The Linguistic Normalisation Committee has met with the Culture Minister, Anxela Bugallo, to reach an agreement to turn the audiovisual sector into a vehicle for normalising the use of the Galician language.  At present, there are two Galician-language co-productions that will premiere in some Galician cinemas this week: 'O desenlace', by Vigo´s Juan Pinzás, which will...
Preview of the film
Spain´s latest Dogma film, 'El desenlace', by Juan Pinzás, will be previewed in Santiago de Compostela.  Apart from the director, some of the film´s actors attended the preview in Compostela´s Caixa Galicia Aula de Cultura: Beatriz Rico, Javier Gurruchaga, Carlos Bardem, Isabel de Toro and Miguel Insua. 
The Young Director Carlos Pocho Villaverde and Manuel Sanabria Present Their Second Film:
The film Sinfin, about the future of pop-rock groups in the eighties and the Movida, will premiere on October 18th.  The film features Nacho Novo, Armando del Río, Ana Álvarez, Carlos Iglesias, Javier Aller, Quique San Francisco and the special collaboration of the ever-young Jorge Sanz. 
List of Audiovisual Subsidies
The following audiovisual subsidies are available in Galicia and Spain.  GALICIA: AUDIOVISUAL CONSORTIUM  -Subsidies to attend markets, festivals, etc. Apply before December 15th, 2005.  ICO, TVG AND GALICIAN AUDIOVISUAL SECTOR  -Financing for the production of feature films, TV films, documentaries, etc. Apply before December 31st, 2005.  SPAIN: MEDIA...
José García´s Films to Come to Galicia.
The films of the director from O Carballiño, José García, can be seen until October 15th.  In Santiago de Compostela: Venue: Aula Sociocultural de Caixa Galicia (Carreira do Conde, nº 18) Programme: Thu, Oct. 13: 20:00 h. “Après vous” Fri, Oct. 14: 20:00 h. “Rire et Châtiment”Sat, Oct. 15: 20:00 h. “La vérité sije mens – 2”In A Coruña:Venue: Centro Galego de...
A Film on Prestige Desaster Enters Descartes Scientific Communication Competition
The film Mar de Estrellas, which deals with the consequences of the Prestige oil slick along the Galician coastline, is one of two Spanish projects trying to win the Descartes prize.  There are 23 entries from 10 countries, competing for the 50,000 euros prize money. 
The AMAL 05 Arabic Cinema Festival Programme Completed
The 3rd AMAL Arabic Cinema Festival´s programme has been completed with 11 documentaries and 13 feature films.  This year´s festival will feature the Palastinian director Michel Khleifi.