Spanish Audiovisual Production Increased 9% During 2004
According to a Fapae report, Spain´s audiovisual production turnover increased 9% during 2004, rising to a total of 1.671 million euros.
Compostela Chosen as Location of International Travel Programmes
Santiago de Compostela has become a favourite location with production companies and television channels all over the world, in order to shoot travel programmes. Several countries such as Holland, the UK, Belgium or the Czech Rep. have included footage of the city in their documentaries. So far this year, 20 productions have been made in the city, resulting in expenditure of more...
Short Films from Italy, Germany, India and the UK Compete in CURTOCIRCUITO 2005
Santiago de Compostela´s 2nd short-film festival, CURTOCIRCUITO 2005, is going international and attracting films from several countries around the world.  To date, around a hundred short films have been received from places such as India, the UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico... in just a month.  The festival will be held on October 18th-22nd, 2005. 
Drygra Promises to Make Films with Real Actors
Coming soon after the premiere of their animated film El sueño de una noche de San Juan, Drygra Films announces a future film made with real actors.  According to the A Coruña company´s director Manuel Gomez, the new film called Los muertos van deprisa will be a comedy and will be shot next spring. 
Galician Animation Production Companies at Mundos Digitales Festival
The 4th Mundos Digitales festival comes to an end with a promotional programme featuring animated films made in Galicia.  This will give Galicia´s production companies Dryga, Filmax and Grándola the opportunity to show their work in the field of digital animation. 
Half-Yearly Film Cities Meeting Held in Porto
The Film Commissions of Venice, San Sebastian, Porto, Salamanca, Thessalonika and Santiago de Compostela met in Porto to discuss their objectives for the next 6 months, as well as exchange experiences and information in order to improve the services they provide.
The Galician Audiovisual Sector Proposes Chano Piñeiro for the 2006 Day of Galician Letters
Vigo´s Media Studies Faculty is promoting the candidacy of Chano Piñeiro to be featured during the 2006 Day of Galician Letters on May 17th, as a tribute to his work to incorporate the Galician language into filmmaking. Chano Piñeiro, who made most of his films between the 70s and 80s, is considered along with Carlos Velo as one of the most important Galician filmmakers.  ...
Unifest´05: First International University Short Film Festival
The first International Short Film Festival held in Spain, open to all university students during 2004 and 2005. Films should not exceed 30 minutes and must be presented before June 10th. See for more information.
'Mundos Digitales' 2005 Will Screen Short Films in 3-D
The exhibition 'Mundo Digitales' has opened its doors in A Coruña´s Caixa Galicia Centro On and will screen 5 short films in 3-D at 7 pm each day to present the festival of the same name: Tadeo Jones, True Color, Vita Ex Musica, Working Progress and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.   The Mundos Digitales 2005 Festival will be held at the same venue from June 29th to July 2nd,...
Aprovechando la celebración del Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, -el pasado 7 de junio- se presentó en Santiago de Compostela el documental 'Las Voces del Prestige', una producción del grupo compostelano Directo Producciones, con guión y dirección de Ángel Peláez.El documental ha sido grabado desde los primeros momentos del desastre del petrolero Prestige, en noviembre de 2002 y se ha exhibido...