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Santiago is a small and safe city that is made for walking and discovering its monumental beauty and cheerful daily life.

Gastronomy tour

Guided tour of Santiago’s “Mercado de Abastos” (food market) and traditional food shops, with a tasting of Galician products. Ideal for taking home tasty presents.


Night tour

Guided walk around Santiago at night, with the city lit up and visiting the liveliest areas of Compostela’s night life. The tour ends in a club with a tasting of the popular “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie).


Historic City and City of Culture

Guided tour of the main historic squares and streets, full of monuments and charming spots. Transfer to the recently opened Galician City of Culture, designed by Peter Esenman, a magnificent cultural macrostructure whose contemporary lines "dialogue" with the city's heritage from top of Monte Gaiás.


Enclosed convents

Tour of three of Santiago’s five enclosed convents to become acquainted with their spiritual life and rich heritage.



The city speaks to us in a convenient mp3 for rent that accompanies you wherever you go.


Cathedral rooftops

After visiting the Archbishop’s Palace of Gelmírez, you go up to the church’s rooftops. This stone heaven gives us a unique opportunity to understand the church’s different construction stages; to have its towers, domes and pinnacles within touching distance and enjoy the unbeatable perspective of the monumental squares.


And more

Tour of the old town, monumental churches, contemporary architecture, traditional trades, artists’ studios...

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