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Monastery of San Martiño Pinario

In Praza da Inmaculada, facing the Cathedral’s north façade, Pinario is the most valuable complex belonging to Galicia’s baroque style, and the second-largest monastery in Spain, after El Escorial. With more than a thousand years of history, its spaces combine several functions: Seminary, sacred art museum, guest quarters and meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms: 7.
Total meeting capacity: 500 pax.
Largest theatre style capacity: 250 pax.
Total banquet capacity: 450 pax.
Largest banquet capacity: 300 pax.
Largest cocktail capacity: 300 pax.
Cloister: 1.

Image gallery

San Martiño Pinario - High Altar San Martiño Pinario - High Altar San Martiño Pinario - Cloister San Martiño Pinario - meeting space San Martiño Pinario - Choir
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