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Common yew

Taxus baccata L.

Family: Taxaceae

Name justification:
The name of the genus derives from the Latin name of this tree, of Indo-european origin. According to some authors it stems from the Greek taxis, 'row', because of its leaves' arrangement, whereas others thik it comes from Greek, but this time from toxikos, 'poison', because of the effect produced by its leaves.
The qualifying adjective of this species, refers to the fleshy consistency of the arillus, which is similar to a berry, bacca in Latin.

Common name: Common yew
Description: Tall tree
Leaf: Evergreen Acicular

Origin and distribution:
It can be found throughout Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. It is present in most provinces of Northern Spain. In A Coruña, Lugo and Ourense there are dispersed specimens.

Location in the garden:
There are a few specimens, three of them next to the staircase which leads to the Faculty of Chemistry. There are three more distributed through the slope which leads to the Southern Campus of the University of Santiago. There is also another one next to the 'A Mona' Fountain.


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