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Today is tuesday 23 july, it is ºC and in Santiago
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traditional garden of Santiago

Alameda of Santiago

"Santiago de Compostela has got many parks and gardens, but the 'Alameda' Park is the most integrated in the history of the city and its population."

The origin of the park goes back to the donation of the grounds to the city by the Counts of Altamira around the middle of the 16th century.

The garden is described as 'pacego' (adjective applied to the ancestral country houses in Galicia or 'pazos') because it was the recreation and leisure area of the city in the same way that the gardens of Galician 'pazos' were areas of pleasure and enjoyment.

There are many historical monuments and different artistic elements in the 'Alameda' Park and many local feasts and numerous cultural and popular events are celebrated in its gardens.

As time has gone by the 'Alameda' Park and its annexed gardens have been enriched with a singular ornamental flora, with a total of ninety species with more than a thousand and five hundred trees and shrubs, some of which outstanding thanks to their age or size or their involvement in popular traditions. 

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