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Today is tuesday 15 june, it is ºC and in Santiago
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Black poplar

Populus nigra L.

Family: Salicaceae

Name justification:
Populus is the Latin given to the trees belonging to this genus: poplars.
The qualifying adjective 'black' refers to its bark, in opposition to Populus alba, whose bark is white.

Common name: Black poplar
Description: Tall tree
Leaf: Decidious Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
It comes from the East of eastern Europe and western Asia. It was introduced into western Europe a long time ago and it has grown wild in almost all the countries of this area. It can be found in the four regions of Galicia.

Location in the garden:
The specimens surrounding the fountain at the Lions walk represent a very beautiful frame when taking photos of the City Hall and the Cathedral.


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