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Large-leaved lime

Tilia platyphyllos Scop.

Family: Tiliaceae

Name justification:
Tilia is the Latin name for these trees. According to some authors this name is related to the Greek term ptilon, 'wing', which serves as a support for its inflorescence.
The specific adjective is composed by two terms with the meaning of silver leaves.

Common name: Large-leaved lime
Description: Tall tree
Leaf: Decidious Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
It is a European plant. It can be found from Scandinavia to Mediterranean countries, spreading until the Caucasus. In Spain it grows in the Pyrenean and Cantabrian regions. It can also be sporadically found in the mountains of the Centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Location in the garden:
There is a specimen in the 'Alameda' Park belonging to the subspecies cordifolia. It is located in the row of silver limes. It is younger than them and was probably planted to replace another tree.


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