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Today is friday 27 november, it is ºC and in Santiago
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Common holly

Ilex aquifolium L.

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Name justification:
Ilex was the name that Romans gave to holm oak. Linnaeus applied it to these plants because their leaves where similar. Among Latins it was also known as Aquifolium. 
Aquifolium means, literally, leaves with needles, alluding to its thorns.

Common name: Common holly
Description: Small tree
Leaf: Evergreen Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
The species comes from the South of Europe, North of Africa and Southwest of Asia. In Spain, it is widely disseminated, also in Galicia. There are many names of places that derive from the name of the plant.

Location in the garden:
There are shrub-like specimens scattered around the area. In the 'Alameda' Park, they are used as hedges, under camellia and lime tree rows. The specimens located nearby the Church of El Pilar are variegated, showing yellow and green colours. Some individuals that were part of former garden designs were removed.


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