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Today is friday 22 january, it is ºC and in Santiago
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Rhododendron mucronatum

Rhododendron mucronatum G. Don

Family: Ericaceae

Name justification:
The name of the genus stems from Greek; it was Latinized later, and was used to designate oleanders, roses and probably a species from this genus, which has grown wild around the Black Sea. In this language it means literally 'arboreal rosebush'.
Mucronatum makes reference to its pointed leaves.

Common name: Azalea
Description: Shrub
Leaf: Evergreen Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
It has been cultivated for a long time in China and Japan. It is not possible to say certainly that it has grown wild.

Location in the garden:
It is used as base shrub nearby Church of El Pilar and the playpen.


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