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Platanus orientalis

Platanus orientalis L.

Family: Platanaceae

Name justification:
Platanus is the Greek name of a tree species belonging to the same genus.
The name Orientalis, which means 'eastern', was given to this tree due to its origin, in opposition to Platanus occidentalis, from North America.

Common name: Oriental plane
Description: Tall tree
Leaf: Decidious Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
Some recent research showed that plane trees in the walk belong to the species Platanus orientalis, particularly to a variety with sharp teeth (var. acerifolia or var. hispanica) and they do not come from hybridization between the eastern species and the American one (Platanus x hispanica, Platanus hybrida). According to this theory, it must be native to the eastern Mediterranean (Balkans) and West of Asia. It is widely cultivated.

Location in the garden:
There is a double row behind the bandstand. Those located at the Star Field, have a magnificent appearance.


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