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Today is wednesday 12 may, it is ºC and in Santiago
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Olea europaea

Olea europaea L.

Family: Oleaceae

Name justification:
Olea was the name given by Romans to olive tree. The substantive 'oil' and many related adjectives have derived from this term.
Europaea, from Europe, to differentiate it from other species from the Northern Africa.

Common name: Olive tree
Description: Small tree
Leaf: Evergreen Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
Its original area is linked to the Mediterranean basin, extending through the Southern Europe, Southwestern Asia, Northern Africa, Canary Islands and Madeira. It is also cultivated in many other areas for oil production. In the last years it has extended its use with ornamental aims associated to the mythology as the tree of peace.

Location in the garden:
The specimen located in front of the Institute San Clemente has a plaque which says:  'A cidade de / Santiago de Compostela / en memoria a / das víctimas do atentado / acontecedio en Madrid o / 11 de marzo de 2004' (The city of/Santiago de Compostela/ in memoriam to / the victims of the terrorist attack/ which took place on/ the 11th of March 2004.). The specimen located at the beginning of Juan Carlos I avenue commemorates the union between Santiago and Córdoba: 'Santiago de Compostela – Córdoba./ Cidades irmanadas/ 5 de xullo de 2002' (Santiago de Compostela – Córdoba/ Twin cities / 5th July 2002).


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