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The 8º edition of Amal's Festival ends

Omar Chawshin won the best actor award for his role in the film Whisper with the Wind.

As a Best Actress, it was a collective award to Hafsia Herzi, Sondos Belhassen and Wassila Dari for their roles in Buried Secrets”.

My Ragdoll, directed by  Shereen Ghieth won the Best Documentary Shortfilm Prize.

The Best Shortfilm winner was “C’est Dimanche”, by  Samir Guesmi.


Camino a Nahr Al Bared”, directed by Sebastián Talavera  won the prize to the Best Documentary.

'The Time That Remains”, directed by Elia Suleiman won the TVG award.

Meanwhile, the film “Mashi, Trasi que Trasi”, directed by Eduardo Alter was the favourite of the viewers.

The shortfilm  “Path of Memory”, directed by Alberte Mera, Valentina Alonso and  Lucía Calvo won the Amal Express Contest.


The Prize fot the Best Director was shared between Elia Suleiman for The Time that Remains and Michel Khleifi for Zindeeq.

Finally, The Best Film award went to Whisper with the Wind, directed by Sharham Alidi.

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