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Spain raises only the 20% of potential international shoots


Madrid (30/08/2012)

The cinema and the audiovisual industry in Spain crosses a difficult situation. Carlos Rosado Cobián, President of Spain Film Commission, organization that groups an extensive net of autonomous and local offices specialized in the promotion of the territory, the attracting of audiovisual shootings and the attendance to the national and international industry, he considers that “an appropiate incentive policy would attract an 80% more of shoots raised until now”.

Spain is the only european country that lacks a national strategy to encourage the attraction of shootis in the territory, and the competitiveness in this industrial segment is seriously embarrassing in front of countries like France, Germany, England, Austria, Malta, part of South America and other emergent countries.

At the moment, the controlled and economically supported shootings by the ICAA mean that for each public euro inbuilt to the films, are deposited 4,4 euros at the country economy.

However, if Spain applies any present model of the other European countries that mean the return to the producer investment the 16% (tax rebates) of each euro transfered like that, it would obtain an impact of 15 euros at the Spanish economy, and that means multiply for three the economically impact generated by the present system of production.

According to the advance of the study about the economically impact of shootings in Spain, ordered by Spain Film Commission to Media Research & Consultancy (MRC), a total of 80 big international productions initially interested in filming in Spain, 54 of them were lost for the non-existence of incentives, 12 were moved to other rival countries after starting pre-production works in our country and the rest of them used part of our territory to shoots that could have been done entirely here.

The study does a comparated analysis with other countries of our enviroment. And it emphasizes that the implementation of the tax relief in the U.K. has been essential to the industry and its non-existance would has reduced a 75% of production and meant a reduction of his PIB in 1,4 billions of pounds every year. All of that without counting with the impact that it has in tourism the appearance of the english culture and scenography at the screens, that is estimated in a 20% of the tourists that the country receives.

Spain Film Commission prepares the celebration of a convention to which will be invited to participate the national and international public institutions, sector societies and experts to analyse this important phenomenon and trace lines of action.