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Franchet cotoneaster

Cotoneaster franchetii Bois.

Family: Rosaceae

Name justification:
The name of the genus comes from the term given by Plinius to a plant similar to quince tree. This designation was probably based on the similarity between their fruits and leaves, both covered by hairs.
The sufix -aster means false, alike.
The specific adjective pays homenage to the French Adrien René Franchet, 19th  century, botanist of Paris Natural History Museum.

Common name: Franchet cotoneaster
Description: Shrub
Leaf: Decidious Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
Western China and Tibet. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant, but it is very infrequent.

Location in the garden:
There is a single specimen, next to the 'Cruceiro do Gaio' milestone.


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