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Double reeves spirea

Spiraea cantoniensis Loureiro

Family: Rosaceae

Name justification:
Spiraea is the Greek name of a wrongly identified shrub. Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid: a- by acetyl and –spir by spirea was named after this genus.
Cantoniensis refers to its origin: Canton.

Common name: Double reeves spirea
Description: Shrub
Leaf: Decidious Broad Compound Imparipinnate

Origin and distribution:
It comes from China and Japan. The species has been hybridized with Spiraea aquilegiifolia (S. x vanhouttei), frequently cultivated.

Location in the garden:
There are many specimens on the slope leading to 'O Pombal' street, under the Lover’s Eucalyptus and the adjoining small square. There are some other specimens on the left slope descending to the platform situated in front of the Faculty of Chemistry.


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