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Silk tree

Albizia chinensis (Osbeck) Merrill

Family: Mimosaceae

Name justification:
The name of the genus is dedicated to Filippo de Albizzi, a noble from Florence (Italy) in the 18th century. He loved botanics and he used to cultivate these plants in his garden and they helped to define the genus.
Chinense refers to its origin.

Common name: Silk tree
Description: Tall tree
Leaf: Decidious Broad Compound Paripinnate

Origin and distribution:
It spreads out through Asia, from Pakistan to Indonesia (Java).
The species Albizia julibrissin (Mimosa) is frequently cultivated. It has less than 20 pairs of leaflets and its flowers are pink and red.

Location in the garden:
There are only two specimens, one is situated in the gardens of Méndez Núñez Monument and the other on the slope which leads to the O Pombal street.


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