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Today is monday 5 june, it is ºC and in Santiago
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Monument to Rosalía de Castro

Santiago de Compostela (1837) - Madrid (1885)

Writer. She is the symbol and representation of Galician feelings and the greatest exponent of the poetry of its people. Apart from the writer, the monument includes popular characters, souls of her work, and titles of her most important publications: 'El caballero de las botas azules', 'Cantares gallegos', 'En las orillas del Sar', 'Follas novas'. There are also different commemorative plaques from Galician associations that remember her: 'A Unidade Gallega de Nueva York', 'O Centro Galego de Puerto Rico', 'Peña Gallega Manuel Murguía (Santa Fe, Argentina)' and a crown from 'Els Cataláns'. It is a work by Isidro de Benito and Francisco Clivilles (1917).

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