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Cherry laurel

Prunus laurocerasus L.

Family: Rosaceae

Name justification:
Prunus is the name of plum trees and similar species, having Greek origin and later adapted in Latin.
The adjective that describes the species means laurel-cherry tree due to its leaves, and 'cherry tree' because of its fruits.

Common name: Cherry laurel
Description: Small tree
Leaf: Evergreen Broad Entire

Origin and distribution:
It comes from Balkan Peninsula, Caucasus, Anatolia and Iran. It has been cultivated for a long time in Europe since ancient times and in England since the 17th century. It has grown wild in the North of Spain, including Northern side of Galicia.

Location in the garden:
There are two different types in the 'Alameda' Park. Some of them belong to the wild species, other ones, smaller and with lanceolated leaves, are used as filling shrubs. In general, the former belong to the cultivar 'Otto Luyken'. There is an old specimen in the small square of the Rosalía de Castro Monument; and another less remarkable individual, on the slope leading to the University Campus, in front of the Faculty of Chemistry.


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