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Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2

22 March 2013
Newsletter 2

In this issue- The Project

- Flag Product Publication
- Tour Box
- European Fairs
- Next appointments
- Partners' logos

The Project

The project - co-funded in 2012 by the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General - aims at contributing to the lack of a common and coordinated European communication and
marketing strategy for cultural tourism initiatives.

The project is developing an integrated promotion and visibility strategy shared by the 3 transnational routes
Francigena-Santiago-Olav (FSO) recognized by the Council of Europe.

- Main objectives of the project are:
- Innovative marketing
- Assured quality and wider involvement of enterprises
- Increased visibility of the three Routes

Flag Product Publication

The Council of Europe’s cultural routes programme recognizes cultural routes illustrating Europe’s varied past, present and future, promotes democratic participation and access to culture for all, encourages the transmission of cultural heritage to future generations and communicate its value.

One of the criteria for the certification of a route as cultural route of the Council of Europe is to offer “tourist products” to visitors.

The threefold aims of this requirement are to ensure that visitors have sufficient information to enable them to:
- travel to, fro and along the route,
- find local food and a place to stay, and possibly

- take something back with them from their journey.

Thinking in terms of ‘products’ leads projects to identify and satisfy the different needs of the visitors.

Finally, sustainable & respectful tourism is a proven way to promote regional socio-economic development around lasting values and authentic heritage.

The FSO flag product publication (downloadable here) is one concrete and welcome result of this joint

Information & Contacts

A special section for CERTO project is available in the Lead Partner webportal.
Use the hyperlink by clicking below :

For further information please contact
Giovanni Pattoneri
CERTO Project Coordinator
I Cammini d'Europa G.E.I.E.
Via Sandro Pertini 10/c
43123 - Parma, Italy
Tel. +00 39 (0)521 247656
Fax +00 39 (0)521 243999

Tour Box

The Tour Box prototype was created to promote the marketing cooperation among the FSO routes. The product slogan is :

Starting in Spring 2013 and thanks to the collaboration with Eatinerari, the Tour Box will enter the Italian market, to be gradually tested and distributed afterwards in other European regions.

European Fairs

In collaboration with the Municipality of Santiago de
Compostela, on January 31, 2013 the Stand of the Galicia region in FITUR Madrid hosted the presentation of the innovative "Tour Box" on European Cultural Routes.

The project partners attended also two other Fairs: BIT Milan in mid February 2013 (photo) and ITB Berlin in March 2013, where CERTESS project, the Tour Box and other project initiatives were presented to the visitors.

Next appointments

April 2013 : Educational Tour in Galicia
May 2013 : Enterprise brand certification
in Italy, Norway and Spain
July 2013 : Final event in Luxembourg

Languages available for downloading:  Disponible en español
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