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Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1

25 October 2012
Newsletter 1

In this issue:

  • The Project
  • Results & Producs
  • Partnership
  • Budget
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Interim Meeting 1
  • Next appointments

The Project

The project - cofinanced in 2012 by the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General - aims at contributing to the lack of a common and coordinated European communication and marketing strategy for cultural tourism initiatives. The project is developing an integrated promotion and visibility strategy shared by the 3 Francigena-Santiago-Olav (FSO) transnational routes recognized by the Council of Europe.

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Innovative marketing
  • Assured quality and enlarged involvement of enterprises
  • Increased visibility of the three Routes

Results & Products

  • 8-10 Tour Boxes for future merchandising
  • 50 enterprises accredited to St. Olav and I Cammini d'Europa labels
  • 12-15 flag-products selected and promoted
  • 1 educational tour to Spain by Italian and Scandinavian school teachers, journalists and tour-operators
  • promotion of routes and flag-products at tourist fairs
  • innovative communication tools


CERTO partnership includes 5 partners from 4 countries all active in ECR development and supported by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Council of Europe.


  1. I Cammini d'Europa G.E.I.E. - Lead Partner (Italy)
  2. European Institute of Cultural Routes (Luxembourg)
  3. European Association of Francigena Routes (Italy)
  4. Municipality of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  5. Nidaros Pilgrim Centre (Norway)


Total budget of the project = 166.239,81 Euro

Information & Contacts

A special section for CERTO project is available in the Lead. Partner web-portal at:

For further information please contact:
Giovanni Pattoneri
CERTO Coordinador del Proyecto
I Cammini d'Europa GEIE
Via Sandro Pertini 10 / c
43123 - Parma, Italia
Tel. +00 39 (0) 521 247656
Fax +00 39 (0) 521 243999

Kick-off meeting, Parma

On 27 April 2012 the initial kick-off meeting took place at Parma, Italy, with the participation of representatives of project partners. The meeting followed the finalization of all contractual arrangements with the European Commission. A number of issues were presented and discussed for an early start of all project activities.

Partners also visited Piacenza and Bobbio the following day.

Interim Meeting 1, Trondheim

On 8-9 October 2012, a 2-day meeting of CERTO project was held in Trondheim (Norway) at Nidaros Pilgrim centre, next to Nidaros Cathedral, final destination for the pilgrims travelling along St. Olav Route.

The Travel Plan developed by the Norwegian partner was presented by the ICT developer and will be available shortly on line. Progress of activities and future events were also discussed and follow-up actions agreed accordingly.

Next appointments

Spring 2013 : Madrid, Milan & Berlin Tourism Fairs
April 2013 : Educational Tours in Galizia
June 2013 : Final event in Luxembourg

Languages available for downloading:  Disponible en español Available in English
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