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Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3

30 June 2013
Newsletter 4

In this issue:

  • The Project
  • Educational Tour in Spain
  • Brand Certification
  • St. Olav Information System
  • Next appointments
  • Partners' logos

The Project

The project - cofunded in 2012 by the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General - aims at contributing to the lack of a common and coordinated European communica-tion and marketing strategy for cultural tourism initiatives.
The project has now attained a more integrated promotion and visibility strategy shared by the 3 transnational routes Francigena-Santiago-Olav (FSO) recognized by the Council of Europe.

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Innovative marketing
  • Assured quality and wider involvement of enterprises
  • Increased visibility of the three Routes

Educational Tour in Spain

From 18 to 20 April 2013 Santiago de Compostela hosted an Educational Tour addressed to teachers and tour operators, coming from Italy and Norway, and attended also by CERTO project partners.
The aim of the Educational Tour, organized by the Municipality of Santiago de Compostela, was to get acquainted with and examine the Camino de Santiago, as well as meeting representatives of the Galician institutions that operate for the enhancement and promotion of the Cultural European Itinerary best known in the world.

Particular attention was devoted to the subject of school tours, with the intent of fostering working relations among schools in Spain, Norway and Italy.

Tour operators vetted the hostel facilities open to pilgrims and had the opportunity to meet Galician Tourist Agencies for possible mutual cooperation in future.

By hiking along a 5 km stretch of the Camino de Santiago, the participants could also appreciate issues relating to the organization and maintenance of the trail and its signaling, and visit pilgrim service facilities as well.

Brand Certification

With thirty additional establishments now accredited in Norway on the Way of St. Olav and 10 more in Italy and Spain (travel agencies and tour operators) the activities of the trial extension of the accreditation system Cammini d'Europa have been accomplished.

The accreditation was conducted jointly with St. Olav brand in Scandinavia and an innovative service category was considered in the other two Countries (additional to the 8 categories formerly considered when certifying over 270 establishments in Italy and Spain from 2007 to date) .

St.Olav Information System

As part of the exchange of experiences among CERTESS project partners , the information system developed for the European Cultural Route of St. Olav in Northern Europe met with great interest, during the meeting of partners held in Santiago de Compostela in April 2013.

The information system already in operation will be subject to further implementations in the near future.

For more information: trip plannner

Next appointments


July 2013: Presentation of Tour Box for its initial commercial distribution

July 2013: CERTO Final event at Trondheim, Norway, on 30 July 2013 during the St. Olav Festival

August 2013: Project end

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