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Very close to Santiago: Lalín

River: Pontiñas

Upper boundary: Auditorium of Lalín (Lalín; 42.663244,-8.112433)

Lower boundary: Ponte da Devesa bridge (Lalín; 42.662478,-8.168377)

km: 4

For anglers in general and especially those who just want to have a go or decided to go fishing at the last moment, or are travelling with the family, we suggest the free angling areas recommended by Área Santiago local authorities for their natural beauty, the ease of access, the availability of other services or because they combine well with other attractions in the area: recreational areas, river beaches, local sights, river trails, etc. To go fishing in any of these areas, you only need to have a valid angler’s license for the region of Galicia.

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Lalín, s/n, Lalín