Pazo de Oca

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This stately home, which belongs to the Ducal de Medinaceli House, is also known asthe “Galician Versailles” due to its beautiful gardens, in which the French style prevails. Camellias, magnolias, maples and an avenue of lime trees are some of the outstanding species on its grounds, which also feature two labyrinths formed by boxwood and camellias.

Another of the gardens’ great attraction sare its ponds, divided by a bridge and featuring two stone boats that appear to float. Pazo de Oca is a monument of stoneand plant architecture whose gardens can be visited on one’s own, with guided tours of its interior.


Visit to gardens: November - March: from Monday to Sunday, 9 am - 6.30 pm. April-October: from Monday to Sunday, 9 am - 8.30 pm. Guided tour inside the ‘Pazo de Oca’ for individuals: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am. Guided tour inside the ‘Pazo de Oca’ for groups: check the conditions.


GROUPS: Guided tour max. 20 people. If the group is composed of more than 20 people, the group will be divided.


Visit to gardens:

  • Less than 15 people: 6€.
  • 15 or more people: 4 €.

Visit to gardens and guided tour inside the ‘Pazo’:

  • Less than 15 people: 15€.
  • 15 or more people: 13 €.

LANGUAGES: Galician, Spanish

DURACIÓN: Visit to gardens 1 h. Guided tourinside the ‘Pazo’: 30 min.

+ info: 600 116 856 / 986 587 435 /


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Praza, 16 - San Estevo de Oca, A Estrada, 36685